CDSD a List of Assorted Sounds #RUNITBACKVibez

CDSD a List of Assorted Sounds #RUNITBACKVibez

There's a face that most people make when they hear a beat or hear a flow that is too hot to handle. You know the face. I'm sure you've made it a few times and probably don't even know it. It's what some people refer to as a "screw face" and is usually accompanied by "OOOOHHH RUN THAT BACK!".

That's what this playlist is. I guarantee that if the beat doesn't hit your soul, the lyricism will.

I won't bore you with any more of a description. Only thing I ask is for you to make sure you have your bass and your volume way up.

Listening to this playlist any other way would be a crime.



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