CDSD A List of Assorted Sounds Vol.4 - NuBlack Edition

CDSD A List of Assorted Sounds Vol.4 - NuBlack Edition


Announcing the Heritage Collection at the end of Black History Month doesn't make much sense to most. But, we at Debonair have always progressed by going against the grain. By being "Unconventional".

The "Black Is The New Black" tee was released originally in 2015 at the Black Heritage Festival in Tampa, FL. The shirt became an instant hit and sold out almost immediately. 

Over the years, we have been hearing our peers speak a lot on pride in our blackness. How it is frowned upon. How, even the color black itself, has always had a negative connotation attached to it. We often hear how some other color, like Orange or Pink, are the "new black". And our question has always been "Why do we need a new black?".

This shirt, the first installment in our Heritage Collection, is an embodiment of Black acceptance. An ode to Black excellence. A tribute to our blackness and yours. Black IS the new Black. Always in style.

The Heritage collection provides our community with products that will showcase their pride in their heritage in a comfortable and simple way. With shirts that are made of 100% high quality cotton, we can guarantee you a comfortable, breathable, and affordable piece that you can proudly add to your wardrobe.

In celebration of the re-release of our Black is the new Black tee, you know we had to create a vibe. So for this final installment of our Black History Vibe, Mouse has curated a playlist of new songs released within the first 2 months of 2020 by Black artists. So enjoy our #NuBLKVibez and don't forget to show the world that BLACK is always in style and you have the shirt to prove it.


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