CDSD a List of Assorted Sounds Introduction

CDSD a List of Assorted Sounds Introduction


If you are anything like us, music surrounds virtually every aspect of our lives. Personally speaking, we all collectively agree that every mood that we are in, we can find a song to match. Every road trip has a soundtrack. Every emotion has a tribute track. Sometimes, even walking down the street has a theme song, and with these songs, the infamous playlist is created. 

Our vibe changes depending on the day. Sometimes it even changes multiple times throughout the day. Now we know we aren't the only ones. Let's be real, how many times have you scrolled through your favorite music app in search of a specific vibe, and all of your options were complete and utter disappointments? A lot, right? Yeah, us too, and that's why we have decided to give you all what you've been searching for. A series of playlists that gives you the perfect vibes to match any and every mood. 

Introducing, Create Dope Shit Daily playlist. #CDSD for short. A one stop shop for your musical needs.

So sit back, turn the volume up, and let us take you on a musical journey that we promise you will love.

Oh, and feel free to put it all on repeat...

...And Shuffle.

 ....Annnd offline mode.

"This first list is a low frequency type vibe. Something you can ride to. A little jazzy at times, floaty at others. It reminds me of late night road trips through the city on cruise control. Of late night star gazing in an open field on a full moon. Of rainy train rides, over the ear headphones, and hot chai latte. "I'm sure you felt what I meant from one of these descriptions." - Mercedes "Mouse".

We hope you enjoy. Feel free to share, like, and follow the Debonair District Spotify page to keep up on when we post the new playlists!




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