CDSD a List of Assorted Sounds Vol.1

CDSD a List of Assorted Sounds Vol.1

If you're reading this then that means that you've made it to another day. That also means that you've made it to another year. You've even made it to another decade. 

How amazing is that? How amazing does that feel for you? Sounds like a pretty significant high note, if you ask me.

We ended the year on a high note with a playlist that would get you pumped for everything new. For new beginnings, for new ventures, for new money, and for some, for new love. A playlist of something to motivate you for what's to come.


I'm gonna stop this right here and say, this playlist ain't none of that.

THIS playlist is some Florida shit. Some unadulterated jook music. You're going to hear nothing but Florida artists on this playlist. 

Played in it's original form, the list transitions from one spectrum of Florida rap, to the other. But, when played on shuffle, you'll be mixing your ratchet in with your riding music. It doesn't matter though, because the joint jams either way.






                                          ....Oh yeah, one last thing:

When I say "Florida" shit, I mostly mean TAMPA shit. But y'all knew that, right? ;)



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