CDSD a List of Assorted Sounds Vol.2 - SV Noir

CDSD a List of Assorted Sounds Vol.2 - SV Noir

This week, we decided to do CDSD a little differently. We always get the chance to meet and mingle with some great creatives in the city. Some of those meet and mingles then turn into dope collabs. Here's a recent favorite.

Sultry vocals layer into rhythmic melodies as singer-songwriter SVNOIR (“s-v-nwar”) blends elements of Alternative R&B, Left Field Pop and Hip-Hop. 

We were first introduced to SV online when we saw her name on a flyer for a show we were to attend. From there, we took a listen to her music, and even caught one of her live shows. If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing her live, you know it's an experience. 

On stage, she commands your attention. You don't want to take your eyes away. She moves like a seductive poem and sings with matching sweet sultry. She has an essence to her.

Off stage, she's a ball. Blasting with high spirits. When asked: "You drink whisky?" Her simple and enthusiastic reply of "Fuck yeah!" sent us over the moon. It was just a sample of her bubbly vivaciousness, but with those two words, she instantly won us over.

We had to work with her. And after giving her a whisky in our signature Whisky Glass, we popped the big question: "Would down to be a part of our whisky glass look book?"

To which she said "Yes!"

Shortly thereafter, almost as if it were the very next day, she pulled up to the warehouse and we got to work. It was so seamless.

While sipping her drink of choice out of a Debonair Whisky glass, she gave us great insight into her love for music and what she has in store for the world.

Luckily for us, we were able to capture some of her Black Girl Magic during her visit.

📸 : Joerod "Surreal Styles" Collier

Born and raised in Tampa Bay, she first debuted in 2018 releasing Quarter Century, a four song EP featuring introspective lyrics of heartbreak and acceptance. Catching the attention of listeners shortly after her debut release, SV connects with audiences through her immersive live performances. Creating an atmospheric vibe with a velvety texture.
SV showcases her mellow yet adventurous sound inspired by R&B artists like Jhene Aiko and SZA.

In her rookie year she acquired the recognition of rebuttable Tampa-Based, Mieux Magazine; highlighting Quarter Century. Later that year, SV went on to be nominated for three Mieux Magazine Awards: Female Artist of the Year, Debut Project of the Year, and Breakthrough Artist of the Year.
She is currently working on new music to explore her stylistic range.

Make sure to check out her new single "Rebel", now streaming on all major streaming platforms, and headlining this weeks CDSD playlist.
IG: @svnoir
Facebook: @svnoir
Twitter: @svnoir
YouTube: SV NOIR
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