CDSD A List of Assorted Sounds Vol.3 - Black Edition

CDSD A List of Assorted Sounds Vol.3 - Black Edition

When it comes to black history, most people automatically think of one specific event: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech. It is, by far, one of the most influential moments in black history. Even Google showcases in their newest commercial, that the "I Have A Dream" speech is the most searched speech in the history of Google searching. Amazing, right?

The list of noteworthy and instrumental moments in black history is long and never ending. But one thing in our history that I personally have loved the most, is the musical influence behind the movements. From the song known as the "black national anthem", "Lift Every Voice" by James Weldon Johnson, to songs that scream black pride loud and clear like "Say It Loud"  by James Brown; songs such as these light the fire within us and allow us to be proud of who we are. Black and proud. Nappy and happy.

The month of February isn't the only time that we celebrate our blackness. It is, however, the time when we scream it the loudest. It is our given moment to shout from the roof tops with raised fists and hair picks: "I'M BLACK, Y'ALL. AND I'M BLACK, Y'ALL. AND I'M BLACKER THAN BLACK, YEAH, I'M BLACK, Y'ALL!" 

This list is specifically crafted to bring that melanated pride out of you.

Embrace your blackness.

Be bold and fearless in your pride.

Wear your hair in it's naturally nappy or wrapped up in a turban.

Adorn yourself in Ankara or Kente cloth.

Rock your medallions, and your shells, and your paints, and your dashiki's.

And above all else, be proud of the skin you are in and love yourself wholeheartedly for it.

Happy Black History Month.




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