Patrick Hughes for DD Enthusiast Brim

Patrick Hughes for DD Enthusiast Brim

Blue collar work ethic, innovation, and a Zeus sized ego come together through Patrick Hughes. A dynamic creative who’s story, ethics, and struggles are brought to life through melody in his music, speech in his podcast, and design in his art. And it wouldn't have been right if we didn't link up with the God. 
In the midst of building his empire, Patrick was finally able to bless us at the warehouse and check us out while letting us capture some visuals. We decided to shoot him in the Enthusiast Brim. Perfect choice for a fellow creative enthusiast. Make sure to check out the Boutique section of the site to see all of the color ways.


Patrick also has recently dropped some heat for your listening pleasure. The 7 track project is called Worst Enemy. From ill vibes that transition seamlessly track to track with its production, to dope features that meld magically with the melodies and lyricism. 

Catch all updates about this dope creative on his IG @outsidejacuzzi.

And make sure to stream his project on all major platforms. This dynamic artist and personality has taken the streets of Tampa by storm and will soon take over the creative world. Don’t sleep!





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