Fire FemCee's for the Culture

by Mercedes Robinson

Mercedes "Mouse" Robinson
Now, y'all know y'all saw this coming.
Hey everybody! Ya girl Mouse here bringing you a little bit of what's been in my #Rotation lately.
So, as you see from the title, I have a list of 5 Fire FemCee's that have been rocking steady in my headphones these past few months. All I can really say about them is, these women are pure hip-hop. Each of them has a flavor that keeps you listening for more. All lyrical beasts in their own right. It brings me great joy to find Queens who can rock the mic. So, here they are.
She not only raps circles around beats, and probably opponents, but she also has beautiful vocals. Giving you the best of both worlds in one song. One of my favorite tracks in Rotation has to be Around The Clock. Her flow is flawless!
The first time I saw Mz. Pretty Brown Brown Pretty Cocoa Brown was when she performed at Wine & Rhyme. Great crowd interaction. Her flow gives me a Lady of Rage vibe. Early 90's flow. I love it! I Gotta Have It is on my SoundCloud Vibe list.
Now, this one here kind of surprised me. Not in her rhymes. But actually where she was from. Her flow gives me that NY storyteller flow. But she's actually a North Carolina native. Should have known when I came across a project of all 9th Wonder production. She has a smooth buttery flow. One of my favorite tracks in Rotation from her has to be The Man. The message behind that is something that makes you pay attention. So pay attention!
Aka Ya Girl Dynasty aka Dy The Dream Pusher aka...well you get the point. One of Tampa's favorite faces on the hip-hop scene. I remember seeing her for the first time at Crowbar. By the way, Crowbar is infamous for having dope musical talents there. Just an F.Y.I. But Dynasty, when she came out to perform, was practically prancing across the stage with this gorgeous head full of loc's looking so dainty. And then the beat dropped and she transformed. I was awestruck to say the least. She is a powerhouse. First thing I thought as she performed was "Yo...she makes me think of Lauren Hill!" One song I could never get enough of after that was After Laughter. That song was in serious Rotation.
Straight New York with it. I saw a clip of her freestyling to a Mobb Deep joint on Instagram and that was it. I was sold. Her mixtape Wolf Of All Streets was in Rotation in my car daily for like a month straight.
Now, there is no particular order to this list. But these women are definitely some of the few that deserves some shine. They give me hope that FemCee's will be recognized for the pure dopeness that they are. Shine on, Queens!