Throw It Back One Time

Mercedes "Mouse" Robinson

Randomly one Thursday afternoon, I found myself in a throwback kind of mood. I mean, it IS Throwback Thursday, right? So I bring up YouTube and search a random playlist for 90’s Hip-Hop music. Everyone knows that the 90’s was lit when it came to the hip-hop scene. The music, the fashion, the music videos! It made me reflect on every change I have been able to witness in my 26 years of life. Throughout the years, not only has hip-hop as an art form changed, but the fashion behind it has also morphed with the times. And, like all great things of the past, new aged urban fashion has become very reminiscent of the 80’s and 90’s infamous styles. In fashion alone, everything from mop tops to jumpsuits are coming back full circle as the millennials begin to embrace and rebirth the style of our predecessors. And with a twist of the new age, we are not only bringing it back, but I’d like to think that we are making it our own. And when it comes to the music, I’ve notice that artists are trying to bring back the boom-bap that was the essence of 90’s hip-hop. But, this post isn’t about the new age. This post is an ode to the era that influenced us. I was born in 89’ and raised in the 90’s (barely an 80’s baby, I know). But being brought us as a child in the 90’s had to have been the best time to fall in love with hip-hop. So I have compiled a playlist of some of the illest throwbacks that I’m sure will cause you to reminisce about the good ol’ days. I’m sure this playlist will make you have so many “OH SH*T this used to be my jam!” moments.

So…vibe with me as I Throw It Back One Time for the one time.


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