Feel Good Album of the Month

by Mercedes Robinson

Mercedes "Mouse" Robinson


I don't know about you guys, but there is always a series of albums or songs that just put me in a good ass mood no matter how many times I play it out. One of those albums just so happens to be a work of art called the God Complex by a young bull in the game, Goldlink. Sounds like a wrestlers name, right? When I first heard about him, I won't lie, I went in thinking he was going to be just like every other new aged millennial trap rapper. He kind of fit the bill with the look except without the free-form box cut. And I couldn't be more happier to have been proven completely wrong! He brings in a Jersey Bounce with a dash of the Northeast Boom bap and a little southern twist. He's like a petri dish of musical awesomeness. He even goes outside the box and brings in a bit of dance hall vibes. I'm telling you, play this album to start your Monday. I bet you have a bounce in your step and find yourself dancing in your seat. If this is your first introduction to Goldlink, you can thank me later. Until then, though, enjoy!