For the second time around, Debonair District held down a tent at the annual Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival. The ten-day cultural event features local and nationally-accredited speakers, musicians, artists, poets and craftspeople. Concluding on the week-end after the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, the TBBHF promotes diversity and cultural sensitivity. For the last two days of the event, the city of Tampa is rewarded with all day music festivals at Curtis Hixon Park in Downtown Tampa.

 After locking in our slot as a vendor, we went to the drawing board to create some new ish to drop this year. One of our favorites from this release is the “Herd” cap and from the responses we received at the festival, it is a crowd’s favorite as well.

 Speaking of favorites, Demi Nova and Blaq Pocket Music rocked the stage and had the audience in awe! Dynasty also hit the stage with a dope solo performance with the assistance of Dj Sandman. We appreciate the opportunity to share our creative flare with others amongst our community.


You can shop the Heritage collection here.

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It’s not often that you come across a beautiful and talented young songstress that plays the ukulele. Ari Chi’s melodious voice is known for doing covers of some of the most popular tunes such as Timmy Turner by Desiigner and Apparently by J. Cole. Something about her voice hypnotizes from the stage, capturing your full, undivided attention.

Photo by @Surrealstyles

Hailing from Atlanta, Ari Chi moved to the Tampa Bay Area to establish her music career and we are thrilled to have her put on for the city. Currently in Orlando, Ari travels frequently, performing throughout South Florida. During the week, the majority of her time is spent in the studio working on features or new music for her projects. She also teaches private ukulele and vocal lessons.

Photo by @Surrealstyles

Her weekends are jammed packed! You can catch her in a street performance with a live visual artist or on stage at a show. She makes appearances to local shows and she’s definitely a supporter of the arts community. Despite her growing success and attention, She is humble in her efforts to make it big.

Photo by @Yp_brodie

When asked about her favorite aspect of being an artist she replied, “being able to warm hearts and touch souls musically with absolutely nothing but [my] vocal chords.” It is evident that her intentions are pure.

Photo by @Surrealstyles

As far as inspiration, Ari Chi mentions local artists: Betty Dawl, Shevonne “Shevizzle”, and Ella Jet. She also admires Lady Bug Mecca (DP), Lauryn Hill, The Local Natives, Sampha, and The Xx. Ari studied classical music and was enrolled in three different performing art programs. She also comes from a musical family. Her mother has a beautiful voice and her aunt is a well-known singer in LA by the name of Kimberly Holloway. Her influences allowed her talents to excel.

Outside of her music career, Ari Chi loves cooking and she’s taken an interest in directing music videos. Find more information about Ari Chi on her website:

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From time to time, we host pop up shops and vend at various events. While vending at Da Cypher, we met Jax Judo. Without hesitation he copped a Centro Mobbin snap back and showed love. We exchanged contacts because we knew at some point we'd cross paths in the city again. 

It wasn't long after that Jax stopped by The District with Tampa rapper, Jafarlee (@iamjafarlee), to close a merchandise deal. We caught up and had a dialogue about the state of the Tampa music scene, pressures of work/life balance and pursuing passions. 

Who knew days later that he'd be "[Centro] Mobbin" in his next music video. 

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Photo by @Surrealstyles
Written by: Tyana Daley
Photos by: Xavier Martinez


Success is not a destination, but the road that you're on. Being successful means that you're working hard and walking your walk every day. You can only live your dream by working hard towards it. That's living your dream. -Marlon Wayans

When you think of Debonair District, you have to directly correlate it with creative collaboration. Working together with other like-minded individuals who want to aspire the same greatness and influence we all strive to achieve. When DD collaborates, it isn’t a small project that is appreciated in the moment, but more a timeless and emotional effort that can be felt by those new and seasoned to the DD wave.

A good friend and collaborator of DD, Indie Reece, came to the warehouse to check out our latest advancements and touch base with the crew. It was hot, it was wavy, it was inspiring - and did we say it was hot (AC soon come)! Indie was loving the new DD headquarters so much that he offered to do our very first mural - and man did he kill it. We were beyond excited and honored to have a personal piece done by the painter, writer, illustrator and photographer. Not only does his piece serve as an attraction point of the room, it also reminds us why we’re doing this and who we’re doing it for. After hours of detailed painting in the hot warehouse, the beautiful African-American woman in the mural came to life. Every color and shape capturing your gaze, attention and curiosity. To this day we find ourselves staring at it for hours.

We were able to debut this awesome piece at our April Product Release Party on 4/3/2016. Our guests were in love with the piece as much as we were. Indie’s mural was one of the main attractions of the event. It was also the spark that generated good vibes, great conversations and the promise of fruitful relationships with DD and the attendees. 

To see more of Indie Reece’s work you can find him on social at @indiereece or you can reach him directly at He also sells artwork at #SmokenWords events every Thursday in Tampa, FL.

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