Briauna Walker, born in Oceanside, CA and raised in the Bay Area, has been creating all her life and has been painting for five years. Her inspiration in her art is culture and feminine energy. Through her art she hopes to convey a feeling of overcoming and strength.

briauna walker


Junkyard, born in Miami, FL in Broward County and now in Tampa, FL, has been painting for six years through his inspiration from life, learning, and music. Using life experiences to create realism in his painting his art is a way for him to connect with people. His versatile style gives everyone the opportunity to see themselves in his artwork.



Verano, originally born in Long Beach, Cali and raised in Vermont is an artist who found her inspiration from the world and through life. She has been creating her entire life. Her psychedelic style will send you on a trip.



Artist Jaurice Moore, also known as Indie Reece, is a local Tampa native who has been creating his entire life. His inspiration for his artwork is what he likes to call Afrofuturism. He is constantly creating pieces daily catching eyes with his tribal artwork.



Lolita Defoe, born on the French side St. Maarten and raised in Tampa, FL, is an artist of many facets. Not only does she paint she also delves in photography, graphic design, music and poetry. Her inspiration for art is derived from emotion, culture, and diversity. She is a woman of many hats.

Lolita Defoe