Jean Jacket Jam

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Our Objective

It's a known fact that denim is one of the most versatile fabrics. It can be worn to ward off the sun as well as keep you warm on cold nights. We created the Jean Jacket Jam to shine a spotlight on the need for denim for the homeless and downtrodden. We have partnered up with 5 talented Artists that will take 5 plain denim jackets and turn them into wearable masterpieces. On the day of the Jean Jacket Jam these 5 Jackets will be auctioned off and a portion of proceeds will go to the Metropolitan Ministries for there efforts in the community. With your contributions we can show our homeless brothers and sisters the Art of Charity.

What to expect?

Save the date January 18, 2019 Come enjoy yourselves with guaranteed entry by donating clothing and/or shoes to help the less fortunate. Or by making a small contribution of $5 at the door. The bidding starts at $100 for the jackets and will go to the highest bidder by the end of the event.

Why you should come?

Boasting some of the best talent in the Bay area we will be featuring jackets designed by Brain the Genius, JUJMO, Paint Killer Cam, and our partners Wyze Creative Group. Bringing you an assortment of style and versatility. All the while still focusing on the Art of Charity, each jacket that sells will benefit the artists as well as Metropolitan Ministries.