• Black Debonair District Cap worn by Patrick Hughes
Enthusiast Brim (Onyx) Enthusiast Brim (Onyx) Enthusiast Brim (Onyx) Enthusiast Brim (Onyx)

Enthusiast Brim (Onyx)

$ 34.99

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  • Structured OG Fit
  • Embroidered Front / Both Sides
  • Strap Enclosure
  • Unisex fit.



Blue collar work ethic, innovation, and a Zeus sized ego come together through Patrick Hughes. A dynamic creative who’s story, ethics and struggles are brought to life through melody in his music, speech in his podcast, and design in his art. 
Stay ahead of the game and follow the 25 year old Tampa native on Instagram and Twitter at @outsidejacuzzi. This dynamic artist and personality has taken the streets of Tampa by storm and will soon take over the creative world. Don’t sleep. 

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