3rd Annual DDBBQ & Kickball Tournament

3rd Annual DDBBQ & Kickball Tournament

 Writter by: Mouse

With the sun shinning and no rain in the forecast, Sunday, 4/17/16, was looking to be a day packed full of greatness. And it was!

Debonair District is proud to say that, this year, the DDBBQ was everything we were hoping it to be. With images captured by fellow creatives such as Bernard Alexander and Indie Reece, we made sure to get as much of the action documented as possible. Yes folks, even some of the bloopers. So take a moment to relive the day with these few flicks of the day's festivities.


As the grill was fired up and the bases laid down on the field, players and spectators began to arrive. There was nonstop music flowing to set the mood for the day's events. The players received their team shirts and soon enough the games began. With our host Jayy Cannon on the mic making sure that everyone could hear the calls clearly, his teamwork with Zay and his group of volunteer referees kept the games going at a steady pace.

First up to the field to play was Team TomBoyChiq vs. Team Kumlawdi. The game started out like normal, each team going back to back feeling each other out and moving at a steady pace. But soon enough, the players begin to really play to win! Team TomBoyChiq comes hard right out the gate with Aych throwing a few mean pitches and Queen of Ex coming through to show us that, not only can she spit bars, but she can also catch a pop fly easily. But TomBoyChiq slowly loses their momentum and Team Kumlawdi comes back with a vengeance. Making play after play, and even running a few homeruns, Team Kumlawdi grabs the first win of the day.

Next up to play, after a brief 15 minute intermission, was Team Trusted Reeses vs Team S.O.S. These two returning sponsors immediately start off with playful trash talk and high energy. Trusted Reeses contributor Tyler makes a few highlights by catching some pop-flies and helping keep the energy of his team high as they immediately take the lead. But S.O.S contributor Angie Reed stays on the sideline cheering on her team, giving them motivation and good vibes. And soon enough, they make a crazy comeback and take the win right from under Trusted Reeses. It goes to show that you can't get comfortable just because you have the lead.

The final game was a winner takes all face off between S.O.S and Kumlawdi. The energy is still high and the players are ready to win. And soon enough the game begins. Players are cheering each other on play after play in hopes of winning the tournament and getting a bag full of goodies form a few other sponsors such as I Love Driving Slow and Cyncere Scents Homemade Candles. S.O.S played a great game, but it seems like Kumlawdi came to take it all home. And take it home they did, with a sweep of long kicks and homeruns, Kumlawdi takes the win and becomes the DDBBQ Kickball Champions of 2016!

And with the final game decided, we snap a group picture of the winners, all of the participating players and sponsors, and then everyone who came to support. The growth from this year versus last years turnout was immediately recognized. We thank you all for making this year's DDBBQ one to remember. Make sure to follow the official Instagram @debonairdistrict and like the Debonair District Facebook page to see all of the images captured of the event. Tag yourself and friends, like, and share and spread the word so that next year we can do it even bigger!

We humbly express our gratitude to all those who played and those who just came to enjoy themselves and some free food. We also would like to send a special thanks to our sponsors: Saving Our Society (S.O.S), Trusted Reeses Auto Services, Kumlawdi Foundation, TomBoyChiq, I Love Driving Slow (ILDS), Debonair Prints, Cyncere Scents, Bernard Alexnder, Pocket7, Meeyogi, Sweet Indulgence, and Young Parisians Promo. We appreciate your contribution and support in this years event and we hope to have you all return again next year.


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