Recap ATL - Samurai Shotgun Afro punk

by Debonair District

A group of young, talented, creative enthusiasts put on for the Bay Area in Florida, and we were so lucky to be apart of their journey. The well-known band, Samurai Shotgun, graced the stage with their presence at Atlanta's AFROPUNK Battle of the Bands and WE WERE WITH THE BAND! Debonair District collaborated with Samurai Shotgun to create "Die by The Sword", a signature tee for the fans. We were up all night working to prepare for the weekend and we hit the road on Saturday, June 20th, at 4am, eager to see what was in store.



Once we touched down in the city of ATL, the adventures were among us. The first stop was Little Five Points, a cultural avenue that felt like home. We spent much of our time exploring the city and taking in all of its greatness. Later that evening, we attended the AFROPUNK Battle of the Bands and it was nothing short of mind-blowing. One might assume that being engulfed in a crowd of enthusiasts, yelling and banging their heads might be a little frightening but it was quite the contrary. It was as if you had no choice but to feel the vibrations and allow your body to move and let your head nod in adoration. And guess what?! They won the battle. What an awesome feeling!



After a long day of adventures and a long night of great music and good vibes, we hit the sack for a few and started the next day with the same good spirit. We did the tourist thing to do and visited Stone Mountain. We did yoga in the park, we saw the lamest light show, we visited family and friends, we ate at a few great restaurants, and we met some of the coolest ATLiens.




All in all, we had an unforgettable experience. As young creative enthusiasts, we always venture to learn more about life. We definitely appreciate the opportunity to roll out with Samurai Shotgun. Can't wait for our next escapade!