Debonair District Presents The Meeyogi Collection

Photos by: @surrealstyles

Written by: @myameeyami

Visual lookbook for the Debonair Dashiki in collaborative effort with Mya Meeyogi. We introduce The Meeyogi Collection.

As creative enthusiasts, we find art in various forms.

We are always exploring because we find beauty in many things.

 Be not confused; just because we are seeking, doesn't mean we are lost.


The joy of learning new things is overwhelming; it is a revitalizing feeling that we love to feel.


Debonair District presents The Meeyogi Collection by Mya Meeyogi.

Mya finds beauty in the art of yoga. "It is an everlasting journey that you'll always find joy in," she says. We collaborated with Mya to allow her creative juices to flow through clothing. Each piece released in The Meeyogi Collection represents her vibrant, earthly style. The first piece to drop is "The Debonair Dashiki".


The term, dashiki, originated in West Africa. In the 1960s, the dashiki appeared in the

American ethnic fashion inventory, along with other Afrocentric clothing styles.

 As we all are aware, fashion gets recycled so we're bringing this cultural garment back
into the market with a little urban style. Mya decided to stamp the back of the dashiki with our

Debonair District brand to give it a feel of customization.


Whether you decide to wear this garment with leggings, with shorts, with jeans or bare;

it's your prerogative!

We are releasing twelve unisex dashikis in six colors because we love exclusivity.

Stay tuned for what's to follow with The Meeyogi Collection.

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