2nd Annual DDBBQ & Kickball Tournament

Our 2nd Annual DDBBQ & kickball tournament was one for the books. We were able to share positive energy with locals in Tampa Bay. The idea was to have everyone set egos aside with a friendly game of kickball. While promoting the event, we heard many people talk about how long it has been since they played kickball. We really took it back to middle school days with this one. Combining the tournament with a BBQ was genius! We did a potluck style BBQ that way every one got an opportunity to show off their cooking skills. Whoever made the mac'n'cheese clearly was a chef! The food, the music, the game, and the vibes; everything was perfect. The kids that were in attendance enjoyed each other's company. Even in the rain, we played our hearts out. Even with the rain, no one left; that meant a lot to us. We definitely appreciate everyone who came out, brought a dish, stuffed their face, bust their ass in the slippery grass, danced to beat, met new people and supported our movement. We'll see you all next year!

This Years Sponsors

Crowned Extensions: www.CrownedExtensions.com

Kumlawdi Fitness: www.Kumlawdifitness.com

32 Below music: www.32Below.com

S.O.S. Saving our Society: www.Savingoursociety.org



The tournament consisted of 4 teams: Saving Our Society (S.O.S), Kumlawdi, 32Below, and Crown Xtensions. Each team had their own team shirt and color. The games had everything a game should consist of: strategy, coaching, taunting, celebrating, and everything in between. First up Was Team S.O.S Vs. Team Kumlawdi. After 45 minutes and through hot blazing sun and scattered summer showers, Team Kumlawdi came out on top as the days first victors beating Team S.O.S 8 to 5. This win solidified their spot in the championship game.



The next game was then between Team 32Below and Team Crown Xtensions. Team Crown Xtensions started off with a bang and easily gained the lead. After a short while on top, 32Below began to gain momentum. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to make Team Crown Xtensions lose focus, and they ended the game in victory with a winning score of 5 to 1. Finally, the 2 winning teams took the field in the final battle.




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